Amenities – AirPark PLUS+ Car Services

Let AirPark pamper your car while you are away! We offer the following services:

Oil Change Service

Oil change service is done off-site by certified auto technicians.

Performed at:
Pennzoil Speed Oil Change
2 Hegenberger Rd.

Most cars – $45.00
Most SUVs & Europeans – $55.00 to $65.00
Most Diesels – $85.00 to $95.00

Gas Fill-Up Service

This service is done off-site with your choice of grade.

Performed at:
Chevron Station
191 98th Ave.

Gas fill-up – $5.00 + cost of gas

Car Wash

This service is performed on-site, hand washed and hand dryed. Interior vacuuming is optional.

Car wash only
Cars – $15.00
Trucks & SUV – $20.00

Car wash w/ interior vacuum
Cars – $20.00
Trucks & SUV – $26.00

Tire Shine
Cars – $3.00
Trucks & SUV – $4.00





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