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No hidden fees, just great parking!

When we say “no hidden fees” we mean it. It’s a flat daily/weekly rate, expect no suprises when you return home!

Enjoy stress free parking for you and your car in a secure facility with around-the-clock surveillance. FREE on-demand shuttles are provided 24 hours a day. Simply park and we’ll pick you up at your car and take you directly to the terminal.






Every 7th day FREE!


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Parked here last week while on a short vacation to LA (i.e. 2-3 day), and my experience was very good overall.

Even without making a reservation beforehand, I was able to roll up and park here without much trouble. Once I’d found a spot, which wasn’t difficult, I got a struck of good luck as the driver spotted me on his way to the terminal, and he was able to pull up right by the car.

When I arrived back in Oakland, the driver was waiting for everyone exactly where we were dropped off in Terminal 2. Even better, he promptly departed back to AirPark after we took our seats even though there were only a few passengers on board.

Overall the experience was easy, quick, and painless. Hopefully, when things are more busy they’ll still be able to maintain that same level of service and promptness.

Brian S, San Francisco, CA
Great experience. No hidden fees. Very close to the airport. Shuttle was right there both on drop-off and pick-up. Friendly attitude from shuttle drivers.
Chris M, San Francisco, CA
We parked our car here and didn’t have to wait in line and the shuttle picked us up at our car when we arrived in 1 minute. Landed tonight and the shuttle picked us up on time and brought us right to our car. Best service all around!!
Jodie G, Concord, CA
I was pleasantly surprised by this company at both ends of my trip. I was worried about the shuttle being too slow or stopping several places before my stop. But it didn’t happen that way at all. The shuttle followed me to my car. Three minutes later they were letting us out at the fourth curb. On the way back, a shuttle was there waiting–I didn’t even have to call. Driver took me to my car and waited while I started it up (it was pretty late at night).I think the pricing is fair. All in all, a very positive experience.
Brianna S, San Jose, CA